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Welcome to Rovich Diagnostic Services

Rovich Diagnostic Services is a top diagnostic centre that provides world class medical investigations. Our service offerings include medical laboratory, ultrasound and endoscopy services. Rovich Diagnostic Services was established to respond to the need for quality and cost effective medical diagnostic services which support and increase positive health care outcomes in Nigeria.

We are passionate about our services and we conduct numerous medical investigations each day with the much needed attention required to support quality outcomes. This is made possible by our unparalleled infrastructure which include state-of-the-art equipment, automated specimen processing and advanced reporting channels.

As a top pathology laboratory in Nigeria, we support all your laboratory testing needs and we aim to be known for our swift turnaround time and reliable results on a wide array of available investigations. Our services are provided in a calm professional environment with the promise of customer satisfaction from every interaction.

We are focused and invest in research, innovation and development. This ensures that members of staff keep up to date with the latest industry standards and we are in turn able to educate customers on the appropriateness and interpretation of results. We also provide physicians with the information and tools required to make clinically appropriate decisions from the service we offer for the benefit of patients.
Who We Are

Rovich Diagnostic Services is an integrated medical diagnostic service managed by a dedicated team of medical professionals. The idea was developed and implemented to up the ante in the diagnostic service industry.

Our team is made up of medical doctors, gastroenterologists, radiologists, pathologists and laboratory scientists. We take great care and pleasure in selecting the finest individuals to work with us, both on administrative and technical levels, utilizing state-of-the-art certified equipment and reagents. No time or effort has been spared in the training process of all our personnel.

We are driven to deliver quality medical testing and reporting with the reliability and determined service required. We understand the unique needs of patients and those who care for them, which is why we work side-by side with patients, physicians, hospitals and referring clinical laboratories to support their unique needs and processes.

We believe timely and accurate diagnosis play a major role in the effective management of patients. At Rovich Diagnostic Services, we listen closely to your needs and modify our services to meet your requirements.

What We Do

We provide a broad menu of over 3200 routine and specialized laboratory tests that help predict, diagnose and monitor diseases. These tests range from basic tests, such as glucose testing for diabetes, to the more complex molecular biology tests, PCR for HIV, Hepatitis and the new highly specific test for DNA paternity testing.

We offer a wide range of ultrasound services which range from simple pelvic scans to the advanced 4D and Doppler scans. We also offer male related scans, breast scans and scans for soft tissue and small parts.

We carry out endoscopy services which include endoscopy, colonoscopy, proctosigmoidoscopy, biopsies amongst many other tests in our facility.

We abide by international standards. As a result, we enhance our technical expertise by dedicating ourselves to acquiring international affiliations.

We have acquired adequate knowledge of the needs and expectations of clinicians. We are constantly upgrading on all fronts. With Rovich Diagnostic Services, the accuracy of your results is guaranteed and we assure you of the same results as you would at any leading accredited lab anywhere in the world.

We have dedicated customer service lines where prospective patients can make enquiries and existing patients can get reviews of their results. We also have sample pick-up lines on which requests for sample pick-ups are made. Our trained dispatch riders are deployed as soon as we get the calls.







Rovich Diagnostic Services is a top diagnostic centre that provides world class medical investigations.
Our service offerings include
  1. All Medical Laboratory Tests
  2. Eye Clinic
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Ultrasound Scan
  5. ECG
  6. Medical Electrostatic Electromedics Therapy
  7. Medical Consultations
  8. Medical Equipment Supplies
  9. Health Tourism To Isreal

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